How Could A BUSINESS MENTOR/ Virtual operations manager help you?

I’m the ideal mentor to help you make more money from your hospitality or artisan retail business. Why me? Because I still run my own successful food manufacturing and food business and I have heaps of experience in hospitality……. I know what you’re going through and I feel your pain.


If you’re an established business owner, I can help you to make more money and have more time via a mix of ‘showing you how’ and ‘doing things for you.’ Helping you achieve a more organised, profitable business whilst freeing you up time to spend working on your business, with your family – or whatever you want!

Maybe you’d like to review your finances to identify ways to make more profit. Perhaps you don’t understand all the numbers, I can help you with that without making it dull or overwhelming.

We could review your top line together and scope out ways to increase sales. Then we can make a plan and make it happen, either with me guiding you, or taking it off your hands and doing defined things for you.

Perhaps you’ve got a project you’ve been meaning to get round to for ages? You’re posting willy nilly to social media, but know you’d be more successful with a strategy in place. Maybe you’d like a Marketing Manager, but only for a few hours a week? I can help and get things done for you.

How’s your team? Have you got the right people in the right place and are they performing at their best? We can review them together and put plans in place to make your team the best it can possibly be.



You’re an independent business owner who has been trading a while and is making some money. You probably spend a lot of time working in your business and when you’re not, you’re worrying about it. You haven’t got a huge management team, it’s just you, or perhaps you and your business partner.

You know there are other things you could or should be doing, but for various reasons, they just don’t happen. You know you could be making more sales; more money; taking back some time for yourself; or finding the time to work on other areas of your business. You might want someone to guide you in the right direction and show you how to do certain things in your business. Or you might want someone to take them off your hands and get them done for you. Either way I can help.


I’m Hadi and I’ve got 22 years’ experience in business. I specialise in working with independent business owners, particularly but not exclusively, those in hospitality or artisan retail. I use my own business training and hands on experience to help people get over the hurdles which can hold them back. Organising things with them to make sure they have more time and make more money. What they do with their extra time is entirely up to them!

I’ve worked in operations and in marketing in two of the largest hospitality companies in the UK, I’ve worked with franchisees nationally in a privately owned food retail business and for the last 9 years I have been running my own food business. I started my business from scratch and it now turns over a 6 figure sum and employs up to 15 people. We manufacture, retail and wholesale premium ice cream. I’m still running my business, I feel your pain and I know what you’re going through, I have the ups and the downs too.

I’ve got my business to a stage where I can follow my passion and help others to grow their own businesses.

I live and run my business in Swindon, Wiltshire but most of my work is done online or on the phone, so wherever you are we can probably work together.

Read more about me and my experience in this blog, or take a look at my services to see how I might help you.



Hadi Brooks - My Business Buddy

Fantastic service, very fast response and some great ideas to improve the business, thank you. – Alex F