5 ways I could help you and your business

You’ve had a look at my website, maybe read my LinkedIn profile, thank you for that and for getting this far.

But how could I actually help you? What could a Business Mentor and Virtual Operations Manager do for you?

Here are just 5 examples, if any of them resonate, or have triggered other ideas for you, please do pop to my website where you can buy some of my services or book a FREE 20 minute call to chat.

 1. Review your bottom line.
You’re making money, the bills are paid every month, perhaps some months that’s a struggle. I could review your latest P&L with you, or for you and identify ways you could be making more money – that might be via your margins, your staff costs, reviewing some fixed costs.There are invariably ways you could turn your existing sales into more profit, you know the saying right? ‘Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is King.’ This is so true, yet sometimes when you’re busy working in your own business you don’t put the time into this area, and you could be losing out.You can book my initial P&L review via my website which will leave you with 3 key recommendations. It’s then entirely up to you whether you action the recommendations yourself or have me do it for you.

2. Review your top line.
Where are your sales coming from? Are they sustainable? Could they be increased? Which sales avenues are most profitable? Are there other sales avenues open to you? Is now the right time to go for them?Whether you’re looking for a full review of your top line with recommendations for ways forward, or if you’d simply like a sounding board for your ideas I can help, get in touch and let’s make a plan.

3. Marketing strategy.
I can review your current marketing and it’s performance for you, we can make sure you’v got who your target market is nailed. I can then identify other potential channels for you and put those into a marketing strategy to give you something to work to going forward.That may be social media, you probably use it, but do you have a strategy or are you posting ad hoc messages as things occur to you.Should you be using local PR, press advertising, good old fashioned print, blogging, collaborations?We can work together to identify the right channels for you to be using, I can produce a strategy to work to and then either execute it for you, or leave you to do that bit.

4.Your team.
Who are they? What are they doing? Are they the best person for that job? Do they turn up on time? Do they need further training? Have you got enough people? Too many?I can help you to review your team’s performance to determine whether you’ve got the right people in the right place performing at their best for you.We can look at everything from recruitment to contracts, team building to performance management and make a plan for what to do next, to be executed by you, or by me.

5. Other important stuff.
You know the kind of thing – getting all that paper-based information into a spreadsheet and analysing the data, planning your newsletter content for the next 6 months, sorting out your pricing, updating your website content, replying to those online reviews, looking for new premises.All the sorts of things that you know need doing but you just haven’t got round to, maybe because of time, maybe you’re just not sure how.
Chances are, in the near decade I’ve been running my own business I have done something similar.Book a FREE 20 min call with me and let’s talk about it.

You’ve read this far, hopefully some things have struck a chord. I can work with you on an ad-hoc basis, to do something specific and that’s absolutely fine, I love to get things done.

Power Hour

Perhaps you want something a little less defined – a sounding board, a guide, someone to tell you you’re doing it right, or to offer some alternative solutions.

I offer a power hour, an hour of my time to chat about anything you want, if we can answer the questions together in that hour then great. If not then we can agree the best way forward from there to help you achieve what you’d like to.

Be my Buddy

I also offer a chance to work with me on an on-going basis (minimum of 3 months). It gives you access to me at any time during the working week via email to ask any questions, send me ideas for review or simply to let me know what you’re up to. It’s often about the confidence to know you’re doing it right. I only work with a limited number of people on this basis because it’s more time consuming, if you’d like to be one of them you can sign up on my website, if I’ve got no spaces at the time I’ll add you to the waiting list.

About Me

Hi, I’m Hadi. As a Virtual Operations Manger & Mentor I work with independent small business owners, mostly in retail & hospitality, doing a mixture of ‘showing them how’ and ‘doing things for’ them. The aim being to achieve a more organised, profitable business for them whilst helping them to free up more of their time to spend working on their business, with their family – or whatever they want!